Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Introductory Post

Greetings, and welcome to my blog.

This blog is intended primarily to be a chronicle of my linux experiences, as well as any tips and tricks I come across along the way.

A bit about me and my computing heritage -

I've grown up on Windows machines since I was probably about 5 or 6 years of age, starting with Windows 95 (we may have had earlier but I don't remember if we did), 98, 2000. My first personal computer was an XP, and so its perhaps with a bit of bias that I still swear by XP, though I've heard plenty of others swear by that OS, even in these Windows 7/8 days.

During the latter parts of my teen years, I began having my first experiences with MACs, first in a school library, later when my parents purchased their first Mac, a venerable OSX 10.4 Intel iMac. Upon attending a boarding school, I became thoroughly acquainted with them for a two year experience, and began learning how to hack on one with Terminal, as well as multi-os basics such as java, VMs, EFI, triple boots.

Since then, I've lost access to that Mac, but fell in love with what to me at the time seemed the ease of access, the amazing thing called a Terminal (and all the unixy bits it had to offer), and funnily enough, the synaptic package manager found in Ubuntu. I managed to screw that install up beyond my abilities to fix it at that time, and abandoned it in favor of more HDD space for my Window/MAC.

These days, I run primarily Linux. Occasionally Windows 7 (64-bit), when I feel the need (and that's rarely). I'm happy to say I can do all that I did (and more) on *nix, though I don't have any hatred towards Windows/MAC OS systems (though whether or not I agree with the companies that make those products, is another thing). I've been running Linux solidly for about a year and a half by now, and while its still a learning journey, I've come aways from being an utter noob.

You can find me on IRC as lorddelta, I'm usually hanging around the #qc (questionable content webcomic) and #sixgun (freenode) channels. I'm usually building software/websites, playing/dev-ing MineCraft plugins (@bukkit.org), or hacking my (gnome/kde) desktop/portable devices (iPod/Kindle).


Here's to many more posts!

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